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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beach Near Sunset (framed)

Beach near Sunset
Oil on Panel
Gold frame

The sunsets are lovely on this side of Deer Isle, which faces west just north-west of Stonington. This piece was painted at Burnt Cove, again with my steering wheel easel. There is a gift shop just past where I parked, and all I saw was a long old interesting looking building. After I had been there a while, a woman came over and told me I could go down to the beach if I wanted - and then she said oh,you are painting. Then she said she needed to get back to work. So after I was finished, I went around the bend a bit and found her with her mother on a picnic table creating some crafts. The gift shop, called Clam Factory Gifts, was in an old building that seemed to go on forever. I stayed quite a while and had a personal tour through it. The most impressive were the dollhouses the woman made, but there was also a large variety of other gifts in the jumble in the back including photography and paintings/drawings. It was a real "downeast experience"!  And just a short way up 15A north, you will actually come to a town called "Sunset".

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