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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blue and White Boat

Oil on Prepared Paper
7.5 x11 plus mat and frame


Archival mat and contemporary natural frame 

This piece is a great memory one for me and it is getting reframed and is on its way to the gallery, unless someone buys it first!  I was taking a summer painting class at U Mass Dartmouth and we were supposed to stay on campus to paint, which was primarily a solo undertaking. We would go out, do our thing, then return to the studio for an extensive critique. One day I escaped and discovered a wonderful out of the way boat yard. It was full of old boats and weeds, gravel roads and had a wonderful view of the ocean. I came back day after day, doing painting after painting. This was one of my favorites and is the first image I ever used on a business card. The little blue and white boat sits waiting patiently for its owner.

Much later, I went to revisit "my" boatyard. It was totally cemented over with all the boats parked in neat rows and unwelcoming signs. I was so lucky to discover it when I did!

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