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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Women With Cello and Violin

Oil on Panel

This is my second paint sketch from my morning of painting at the open rehearsal of Music at Eden's Edge, the chamber music ensemble. There were four members of the group present and I was positioned to get the cello and violin player most directly. 

I have a history of figure drawing, most artists do, and it seems that returning to it is like coming back to the place where you can get renewed, or maybe, made humble again....... You can also get pretty frustrated with figures, because the slightest movement and everything changes. I found that I would try to really see a specific movement, shape, color, light, and put it down, trying to catch the essence of it. If it didn't really go with the next one, because of time and movement of the model, somehow it generally works OK it it is authentically drawn/painted from something clearly seen. I think it may be time to do more of this!


  1. Thanks, Julie: A comment from you is wonderful to get! If I'd had more time I might have killed it... But I particularly like how the cello turned out.