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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"The Survivor" (Framed)

Oil on Canvas
Framed in Contemporary Light Wood Frame


I did this painting in Plymouth, right in the middle of the tourist area, with Plymouth Rock and the tour busses behind me. I had some time to paint, and was dropped off. Looking around this was what I chose. It was a lovely park on the waterfront, with large shade trees and great shadows. All that beauty, and I was drawn to this small tree, bent, twisted, and pruned until there was just one limb left. Maybe I felt a kinship....Later I found out that the tree has a huge fan club, who came out in huge numbers to prevent it from being torn down, and that it is photographed more than the Mayflower! Also people come out and water it in the winter. I guess it's struggle and survival touches us all.

I wish I had painted all fishing boats, but there is a pleasure boat there. I would have called it The SurvivorS, because of the struggle the fishermen have now and how many of them have quit.

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