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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Red Gladiolius Tips"
Oil on prepared paper 6x8"
Genre: Floral


The gladiolus is a very difficult flower to use in the garden. They just have an awkward spike quality, smaller below and heavier above. But OH, when you pick them! I put them in a tall glass vase and they are spectacular! They also go on forever, fading away at the bottom and opening at the top. These were in their last hurrah, and just the tips had been cut off the spent stem, and they were still delighting us.

"A Year in Bloom" was a floral series that I did while I lived in Vermont. I created 365 paintings of flowers, with about 85% of them oils and the rest watercolor. The images were used to create series of cards and you can see them on line. The gladiolus is part of the blue ribbon set  See the blue ribbon collection by clicking here. Single cards are also available; see them hereEach card has an individually hand-glued mini print of a floral from the series. You can read more about the series including my journal from that year, by clicking here.

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