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Monday, March 26, 2012

Moon and Sail

"Moon and Sail"
The natural edge of the paper floats in a deep mat and is framed under glass, 
surrounded by a contemporary maple frame to a finished size of 17x17.


This is an extremely delicate piece; just a few brush strokes tell the story of the water and the sky. I loved the moon and I can't remember if it was rising or setting, but it made a great counterpoint for the sail. This photo does not do it justice, and I apologize for that. The color is more like that in the piece below, which has the same soft mood. It is a wonderful companion piece to "Wisps Over Flats" and if anyone wants to buy them as a set, I will take $100 off, with the set as $400. They really like each other and don't want to be separated. Just e-mail me: 

Here's "Wisps Over Flats"

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