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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Three Fishermen"

"Three Fishermen"

Oil on Canvas
Framed and exhibited, contemporary float frame with black liner.

auction: starting bid $175
Special price - Buy it now $400
Permanent price after auction $590

My husband came to the Cape for the weekend so I brought him along on a painting expedition. We went to the Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center in Sandwich, just over the bridge. Found a great place to set up - a picnic shelter! shade! and a bathroom nearby. Life is good sometimes. The walkway in front of us along the canal was quite alive with people of all types walking by on their way to the beach to the right here, or just strolling. Quite a few had fishing gear. These three were set up near me and although they weren't quite that close together, that's what we call artistic license! It was fun to paint -I got most of the figures and all of the landscape right on site and only needed a few touch ups later. The figures did make it a longer painting to do - there is no way around that complexity.

Note: Get the best value by bidding in the auction, or by using the buy it now button if you can't wait or take a chance. When the auction is over, the painting will revert to the permanent price if unsold.

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