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Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Daddy's Home!"

"Daddy's Home!"

Oil on Canvas
Framed and exhibited, contemporary float frame with black liner.

auction: starting bid $175
Special price - Buy it now $400
Permanent price after auction $590

When I was in Seconsett painting on Cape Cod, every day I went past a certain curve in the road that bordered the little harbor and beach - a private place of peace. I painted there a couple of times and also took pictures. Above the scene an osprey family was watching the activity below and never seemed to be bothered by the people or traffic - it was their own little world up there. I was glad to get the shot and be able to do this piece in the studio.

Note: Get the best value by bidding in the auction, or by using the buy it now button if you can't wait or take a chance. When the auction is over, the painting will revert to the permanent price if unsold.

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