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Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Magic Hour Marsh"

"Magic Hour Marsh"

Oil on Canvas
Framed, contemporary float frame with black liner.

auction: starting bid $175
Special price - Buy it now $400
Permanent price after auction $590

There's a wonderful bayside beach off Rte 6A (the scenic route up Cape Cod, all cottages, flowers, marshes, and great shops). It's called Gray's Beach and it has a great boardwalk that takes you way out into the marsh. It is to the left of this scene. I paint here frequently - parking is easy as long as it is not high beach season and there are lots of views to see. The tide comes and goes. When I did this it was low tide and what artists call "the magic hour" when the light is intense and warm as the sun starts its downward journey. The time is so often short to catch the light and often you just have to take a picture. This time however, I painted it on site and am pleased with how that green just glows.

Note: Get the best value by bidding in the auction, or by using the buy it now button if you can't wait or take a chance. When the auction is over, the painting will revert to the permanent price if unsold.

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