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Monday, September 17, 2012

"Three Daisies at Joe's Pond" (matted)

Three Daisies at Joe's Pond
Archivally matted

When I was taking a summer education class at St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont, I took a break one summer day and followed my nose to Joe's Pond, where I sat in the grass, enjoyed the sun and did this watercolor. Was the watercolor just an excuse for sitting by the pond that day? Maybe. Sort of like fishing. I always thought that catching the fish was second to actually being out there and having a reason to do so. Joe's Pond is in northern Vermont, and I always like to think of it as the pond where they put a figure in a chair on the ice and take bets as to when the ice will break up and the pond will gobble him up. No ice that day I was there, though.

This piece is archivally matted to 12x14 for a nice presentation. This image, as are the other small florals, is part of "A Year in Bloom" a series of 365 paintings I created one year. Many of these images are available as blank cards, and I have 10 card sets (sets of 5 different blank cards) available on Etsy.

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