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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Coastal Sunrise #2 (Breaking Through)"

"Coastal Sunrise #2 (Breaking Through)"
Oil on Canvas
available as giclee on paper or canvas (click here)
soon available as a card

This piece was the star of the show - It was on the postcard announcing the exhibit.  This piece seems to carry all of the energy of the whole series within its edges. It is part of a series (Coastal Sunrise #1,2, etc.) that tell the story of a morning's sunrise at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine. It is interesting how a show takes the power of all the pieces and creates a synergy that goes beyond. This exhibit certainly did, and I loved the feeling of being deeply involved in those skies in the months leading up to it. I want to share with you the artist statement for the exhibit, which took the form of a poem.




I want the viewer to be there with me, and to feel and see what I have experienced. In the Coastal Sunrise series, I celebrate the amazing skies of September mornings.

Look up
Up I can see forever
The sky is never as big as it is over the sea
I look down
Sand, rock, and the cool water around my ankles
bring me back to now.
The new day’s sky marked by the most brilliant color is far too much to contemplate in its hugeness
My smallness is comforting
My smallness is frightening
So I bend down, touch a shell, a stone, or a feather.
Then look up again

I pick up the brush and paint
and am transported far beyond myself to what is deepest and whole
I bring the sky inside.

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