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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Framed "Red, White, and Blue"

"Red, White, and Blue"
Oil on canvas
Gold Frame

I decided to paint in Newburyport, one of my favorite nearby places. It's a traditional seafaring town, with gorgeous sea-captain homes lining High Street and more. It's also become a tourist attraction and a popular place to live. Click the link on Newburyport for pictures. I set up in the town square, a very lively place. All around me were interesting storefronts, people, flowerboxes. What did I land on as what I wanted to paint? The roof of the Maritine museum with its flag against the dramatic clouds. The title works on two levels - the obvious, plus the building colors. I think I love roofs. And flags.


  1. Hopper is one of my favorite painters. Your work reminds me a lot of his. These paintings are great. Thank you for sharing these!

  2. What a nice compliment! Thank you. I am glad you are enjoying my work.