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Monday, February 9, 2015

"Lenten Rose (Hellebore)"

"Lenten Rose (Hellebore)"

6x6 oil on panel

framed with an exhibition quality 
light wood contemporary float frame

opening bid: $75
Buy it now $175
After the auction price:$250

For two years now I have purchased a gorgeous white Hellebore plant and proceded to almost kill it. Last year I DID kill it. This one is struggling but it is still making it. Hopefully, it will last long enough for me to get it into the ground. (Considering there is about 3 feet of snow out there, it may be a while!) Anyhow, it has now been immortalized in paint. I shared it earlier and lots of my readers liked it. Now, it is your chance to get this sweet piece at a good price, on auction! Bid away!

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