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Friday, December 26, 2014

Islesford Morning Mist

Islesford Morning MIst

Oil on Panel

This piece has been exhibited and
has a high quality exhibit line frame, contemporary floater style

opening bid $200
buy it now $590

During my time in Islesford - far too short a time - i was socked in by fog or rain during most of the painting time. Somehow, it just seemed to make one painting after another with a different look than I was used to. There's a lot more to a seascape than blue sky over blue sea. This was FAR more interesting to me. What amazing things weather does! This morning, the fishing boats in the harbor rocked gently waiting for their owners. There were fewer and fewer of these boats each day and it was like painting an endangered species!

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  1. My painting was selected as one of the DPW Auction picks!