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Monday, April 27, 2015

Hidden Seconsett Spot

Hidden Seconset Spot (detail, full size is slightly larger.)
Oil on Canvas
Contemporary Float Frame, Light Wood

Auction: Starting Bid: $175

Buy it now price during auction $350
Price after auction closes $590

I stayed on Cape Cod for a week to paint, at the home of a friend who lived in an area I had not yet discovered, a settled island called Seconset with lots of lovely nooks and crannies between the houses. This particular spot was shown to me as if showing a treasure, a hidden spot - and it was a treasure. Though it was overcast, it was quiet and lovely at the end of the access area, and no one bothered me the whole time I was there!

Painting at the hidden Seconsett Spot

Thought you would like to see proof I was actually there.

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