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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ready for the Season (Framed)

36" x 36"

Oil on Deep Canvas
Framed with a Light Wood, Black Lined 
Custom made Contemporary Floater Frame
Limited Time Only


This piece will grab you and not let you go. It is quite large and uses the bright colors found on the dock. The lobster fisherman is waiting for the season to be ready; that will be when the lobsters are at the correct stage and the laws allow. In Maine, in June, there are piles of equipment on almost every dock. There are traps in every color, floats that are painted in the registered colors of each family, stacks of pallets (which is what those brown things are) The large blue container and the one on top of it are huge coolers and they are full of mackeral for bait. I watched one day as container after container dumped the mackeral into a special holding tank. In this piece, through the pallets on the right you can see through to additional traps and a snatch of the sea.

Through all this identification of stuff, what I really like is how the colors and shapes play against each other, forming an almost abstract composition.

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