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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yellow Day Lily (Matted)

7.5x5 oil on prepared paper, archivally matted

Available at Auction on Daily Paintworks
Starting bid $69

 I remember painting this in a yard of an acquaintance. There were hundreds of the orange tiger lillies with the downward curving petals, but for some reason this is the one I chose, maybe because of it's rarity in the scene. Later, I regretted not painting the tiger lillies, and started looking for another opportunity. It took a long time to find it again, but I did eventually, in Maine, outside a motel where we stayed on a mini honeymoon. (I think every couple should have at least a couple of days of honeymoon each year!)

This piece is archivally matted to 12x14 for a nice presentation. This image, as are the other small florals, is part of "A Year in Bloom" a series of 365 paintings I created one year. Many of these images are available as blank cards, and I have 10 different card sets of five florals available on Etsy.

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