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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Lotus Pod and Milkweed""

"Lotus Pod and Milkweed"
Acrylic on paper

This piece is a favorite. I worked from a dry lotus pod and milkweed pod, drawing them freely in the paint over and over, overlapping. Then I applied paint by large and small brush, dry brush, and palette knife, absolutely enjoying the process. Some sections disappeared and some remained. I love the colors bouncing off of each other. I like how the acrylic allows heavy application of paint and many layers in quick succession. One of the segments of the lotus pod had just one seed in it and it felt special to me, so I gave it a great spot in the composition.

detail "Lotus Pod and Milkweed"

detail "Lotus Pod and Milkweed"

 detail "Lotus Pod and Milkweed"

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