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Saturday, December 1, 2012

50 days - #14 color study

50 days #14 color study
oil on Arches oil paper

Ok, it is time to start showing you some of the things I am doing with my 50 days project. One of the things I am really enjoying and learning from at the same time is my color studies. They fit in nicely when there is just a small window of time to paint. I take a repro of a painting by an artist whose work I admire, and copy the colors. I also copy the relative size/proportion in the picture, but do NOT copy the representational image. I find this allows me to figure out what they are doing that I like so much, without being sidetracked by trying to do the same image. My goal is to somehow assimilate all this understanding so that when I am ready to move ahead in January, I will have more understanding under my belt. This piece honors Richard Schmid, a fabulous realistic artist, who wrote the book "Alla Prima". I thought his color was mostly neutral, but what a masterly way he works in delightful touches of color that bring the piece alive, like the pink and turquoise blue in this piece.

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