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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

(New Project) "50 Days #1 "Garden Gate"

50 Days #1 - "Garden Gate"
oil on canvas

Hi, everyone! I have been working on advancing in my art - but I don't know where that might lead yet. I am doing one painting a day - have to start a new one each day, and most are quite large, like this one. I am focusing on working larger and looser, without thought of sales of exhibits (that part is hard). This painting is from day one of the series. It is a wonderful garden gate on Martha's Vineyard.

I will not be offering the paintings in the series for sale until January, when I take a fresh look at everything, to be sure that it is the way I want it.. SO....I am not going to daily post the paintings here, because I want only available works seen on the first page.

I am posting the project on facebook and I will talk about the 50 days on this blog. Please like my facebook page or subscribe to my blog to get the updates in your mailbox!         facebook: Lynne Schulte/studio27art  

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